Electrodialysis Reversal Equipment for Water Treatment

Technological solution for high-capacity water treatment industrial applications of electrodialysis technology.

Unit with inlet and outlet hydraulic skid and series connection up to four electrodialysis stacks EDR-III. Individual TwinLine90 are arranged in parallel according to the required volume of produced water.

One TwinLine90 - product flow rate up to 90 m3/h.

Orientation dimensions
Length × Width × Height
  • in 2L/2S EDR-III arrangement: 6.3 m × 2.4 m × 2.6 m
  • in 2L/3S EDR-III arrangement: 8.5 m × 2.4 m × 2.6 m

  • Hydraulic reversal inlet skid
  • EDR-III stacks
  • Inlet and outlet skid connection
  • Hydraulic outlet skid